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Roy Jean Park is a visual artist and media critic. He spent his youth in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, going to music and art-shows, and studying painting and drawing at Art Center, Pasadena. He completed his degree in American Literature and Media Studies from UCLA and has done post-graduate work in screen-printing and graphic design.

Continuing his interest in a critical engagement with image and media, Park’s work is a strong proponent for modern viewers “not to sit idly and passively as these images kind of [assault] them,” as video artist Bill Viola once remarked in conversation. Park’s prints, sculptures, and mixed-media works re-deploy pictorial iconography and conventions; explore the malleable processes of looking, reading, and writing; and examine how the “viewer-participant” is intimately involved in constructing meaning.

Park lives and works in Los Angeles. He teaches literature and art in youth-targeted programs throughout the city.

Roy Jean Park